3-D Body Scanner


Three-Dimensional Imaging of Your Body’s Transformation: Digital Measurements Provide a Clearer Picture of Your Progress

Stepping on a scale to determine your weight can be deceiving.  The number staring back at you is often misleading as it doesn’t offer a true, accurate depiction of your progress.   Three-dimensional imaging of your body’s shape gives you a more precise illustration of current body composition, detailing where the most significant changes have occurred as you continue your weight loss journey..

The Styku 3D body scanner gives you a concise picture of your progress and helps to identify any necessary changes or adjustments in your routine to achieve your optimal body weight goals. 


The Benefits of 3D Body Scanning

When you want to track progress of your body composition, the Styku 3D body scanner accurately measures the human body for better and more precise results over traditional methods like scales and calipers.

  • Fast Results
  • Real-Time Images
  • Measure and Track Progress
  • Non-Invasive Procedure
3-D body scanner

How the Styku 3D Body Scanner Works

The Styku 3D body scanner takes the guesswork out of body composition analysis through digital measurements of the body.  3D body scanning takes just 35 seconds to utilize advanced three-dimensional imaging technology.  It gathers digital circumference measurements of the body so you can get more accurate body measurements of important metrics like body fat percentage, muscle mass, even a posture analysis, for a complete view of your physical overall health.

A full body scan is made providing you with a 360-degree, three-dimensional image of your body.  The data received through the scanner is then used to generate detailed reports on all of the essential aspects of your body composition.  These reports are easy to read and understand, providing real, accurate results of the progress you’ve made towards reaching your weight loss objectives.

The digital measurements are logged and tracked to chronicle how much you’ve advanced over time and monitor your health and wellness throughout the process.

Best of all, the Styku 3D is a strong motivator because it delivers a real-time, precision assessment of your current body metrics.  Far more accurate and scientific than a number on a scale, the Styku 3D body scanner is a more realistic representation of your body type, offering actual results to assist you through your weight loss journey.

Stepping on a common, antiquated scale with a wide margin for error delivering an inaccurate result doesn’t help identify your progress.  The Styku 3D body scanner assists you in demonstrating the achievements  you’ve made along the way.

Achieve Your Goals with 3D Body Scanning

It’s much easier to set personalized goals and achieve them at your own pace when you are given real and accurate measurements every step of the way.  The Styku 3D body scanner can tell you exactly how far along you are towards reaching your objectives.

When you have the knowledge to make smart decisions about your diet, nutritional requirements, and exercise regimen, you have the expertise to strategize and adjust your long-term outlook for success.

The Styku 3D body scanner is a vital component for ensuring that you reach your goals and remain motivated to continue your path forward. We invite you to give it a try yourself. Come see for yourself the difference 3D body scanning can have on keeping clients accountable as they visualize their actual progress towards the finish line.

Give Weight Achievement Center a call today and let’s discuss how we can help you achieve your weight loss goals.